5 Great Pieces of Advice for First-Time Authors

First time authors
Give your family something memorable.

Publishing your stories, recipes, poems, and more can make great gifts and keepsakes for all your family and friends. If this is your first time publishing a book, it doesn’t have to be intimidating or the least bit scary. To help you get your story out there, here are 5 great pieces of advice.

1. Start With A Topic You Enjoy

Everyone has a passion or knowledge that they can share with others. If you like to cook then right a cookbook about the foods you love. Maybe you’re a teacher and want to write a book about your students or a mom with a green thumb who wants to write about flowers. Start with what you know and love and it will be easy for you to expand on it.

2. Begin At The End

Think about what you want your readers to get out of your story. Maybe you want them to be able to cook your famous chocolate chip cookies or have a deeper understanding for middle schoolers. Whatever it is, think of the goal you want them to be able to achieve or the emotion you want to evoke. Focusing on the end will help you to build some structure into your story that gets you to that result.

3. Use An Outline

After you’ve decided what you want your readers to know, feel, or accomplish, create an outline. Using an outline makes it easier to take each step in your story and expand on it to get to that end result. It lays things out and gives you a blueprint of your story, which will make it clearer in your mind and your writing process will go smoother.

4. Be Specific And Include All The Little Details

No matter what type of book you’re working on, you want to make sure that your reader has a visual of your story. If you’re writing a how-to book, don’t leave out any steps even if you think your reader will already know they have to do that. You want to make sure they can accomplish the end result by including all the details that will get them there. If you’re writing your life story, then dig deep into your feelings. If it becomes an emotional journey for you, then it will become an emotional journey for your reader. All these details will allow you and your reader to connect.

First time authors
Set some time aside to write.

5. Write

You’ve decided you want to create your first book, so you need to make your writing a priority. Schedule it into your weekly activities so it doesn’t get pushed to the side. When you sit down to write, don’t do your editing at the same time. Just write without worrying about changing it around. If you think of a better way to say something than write that also, but don’t keep going back over your writing, because that will slow you down.

We all have something that we can write about. Something that is unique about our lives or our experiences that will resonate with others. Don’t worry if you haven’t written a book before, just click here to get started or try it out, and find out how easy it is to publish your first book.

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