Thought Leader Series: Unleash Your Creativity and Create Your First Book

Create your first book
Amit Sodha is a personal development blogger who writes about a variety of subjects including storytelling on the blog Unlimited Choice.

You have a beautifully inspired idea in your head, but you become frustrated when you put your fingers to the keyboard, only to find yourself unable to write with the same vividness and clarity with which the ideas and images appeared in your head. Or, you might find yourself with a desire to write but fail to begin because you simply don’t know where to start.

Create your first book

First, remember that there is a creative genius within everyone, and it’s about taking the necessary steps to allow that creativity to come to fruition.

The question, then, becomes: Can you make the process easier, more enjoyable and free flowing?

Keep reading, for you are about to discover some secrets writers use get the ball rolling in the journey from conceptualization to a completed written product.

1. Unfiltered or Unedited Thinking

One way to begin – and probably the best way – is to let go of the notion that you’re writing a book. Believe it or not, that thought could stifle your progress. Instead, just write! Jot down the natural dialogue happening in your head. This will allow you to relax, and you’ll find that story ideas will then emerge organically. When you catch onto one of those great ideas, capture it and begin writing.

2. Character and Scenario

Another simple way to dive in is to start with any type of character and have him or her interact with others in a particular setting. A detective at a bar, a bunny in a barn, a mother and child at the beach, a beggar in a village. These scenarios may have no relevance to the story you choose or have chosen to pursue, but this byproduct could eventually become a part of your book or a kind of segue for a transitional phase of your manuscript.

3. Timed Pressure

We all function differently; if you find that your creative genius hasn’t been kick-started yet, add a little pressure. Take your smartphone and set the timer for 30 minutes. Then, make a concerted effort to write for the entire duration, without stopping or becoming distracted. Aim to write as much as possible in that short space of time. This exercise will help you realize just how much can be achieved in just half an hour.

4. Observation

Keep your eyes open! All day long, every day, pay attention to the world around you. Even allow yourself to drift into that dazed state where you pick up on things you otherwise would have normally missed. Any of these observations could lead to an incredible scene – or even the climax – in your book.

5. Location, Location, Location

There’s a reason you see so many people with their laptops in coffee shops. Those kinds of environments are conducive to unlocking a magic spark within one’s writing. To write like a pro, avoid staying in one place. Get outside, in the garden; go to a cafe and people-watch; jump in the car for a drive and soak in the scenery.

Every one of these tips will enable you to unleash your creativity – and when you’re ready, start creating your book!

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