3 Tips for Photo Book Printing Brilliance

Photo book printing
Look back over life’s best moments with a one of a kind photo book.

Photo books make great keepsakes and are a way to give someone a meaningful gift they can enjoy for many years. They’re also a much better way of preserving memories than sticking your photos in those sticky plastic photo album sheets. Anyone can print a beautiful photo book and here are 3 tips to make your photo book shine.

1. Tell A Story

Photo book printing can be a lot of fun, but before you jump in, decide the purpose of your photo book or what story you want it to tell. Maybe you want to create a photo book that announces your first pregnancy, narrates the story of a particular holiday, or captures a year that was significant to you. Having a clear purpose or story will give you a plan that you can use to create the framework for your photo book and get the best experience from photo book printing.

2. Less Is More

You have lots of great photos that you can include in your photo book. Pick your best ones that capture the moments and emotions that are important to the story you’re telling. Don’t jam-pack the pages with every single photo you have. If you’re telling the story of a child’s first year in school, pick photos of all the firsts he or she experienced, like seeing their classroom, riding the school bus, and even picking out the special outfit that they wore on their first day. If you’re capturing a milestone birthday, you could include pictures of blowing out the candles, opening special gifts, and pictures of the guests that came to celebrate. Including a variety of significant moments that focus on showing the love, excitement, and other feelings that were experienced will make for a memorable photo book.

Photo book printing
Be choosy when deciding on what photos to include in your next photo book.

3. Work With A Theme

When you use a theme, it gives the reader clarity right away and tells them what kinds of photos to expect to see. Themes are also a great way to organize your photos. Bookemon offers free themes and templates that will let you group your photos into topics like pets, holidays, school days, weddings, travel, reunions, and more. You can even create your own unique theme by choosing from various backgrounds, clip art, and even uploading drawings you or your children created. Using a theme also makes it easy to locate photos you want to view or show off to others. It’s so much better than searching through tons of photo books filled with lots of random pictures.

Photo book printing is the best way to organize and show off all the events and little things that made you want to take those pictures in the first place. With photo books, you can tell stories, set up books by topic, and create a souvenir that looks back at all life’s celebrations. You can even share them for free on Facebook or by email with your family and friends. Start creating your book today.

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